Report Card Issued:January 2019
Operating System:Windows 10 x64 1809
Packaging Vendor:Microsoft App-V
Vendor Tool Version:5.2

This article contains testing results aimed to provide a baseline for compatibility when using Microsoft App-V for the same set of applications..

Testing results are aimed to determine levels of application compatibility of taking a variety of traditional vendor application installers and packaging them with this tooling. The tests are designed to simulate the acceptance criteria of a fairly picky Enterprise that would choose to not deploy MSIX packages unless they work as well as the original. A wide selection of applications are included with a goal of covering much of the Windows API.

Microsoft App-V (Comparison) 5.2 Windows 10 x64 1803 47 Packages


Category Count Percent Description
Failed Packaging 0 0% The tooling failed to generate a signed package MSIX file at all. This usually incdicates an issue with the capture process or in package formatting.
Failed Smoke Test 0 0% A package file was generated, but the package failed the primary smoke test, indicating a complete or major functional loss.
Failed Feature Test 0 0% The package works to some extent, but failed a major feature and would not be acceptable.
Partial Feature Issue(s) 4 8.5106382978723% The package is lacking in one or more minor features that might prevent production deployment at some or most customers.
Success 43 91.489361702128% The package passed all tests. The package would be suitable to send to final acceptance testing and/or piloting.

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