Report Card Issued:January 2019
Operating System:Windows 10 x64 1809
Packaging Vendor:Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool
Vendor Tool Version:2019.110

This article contains testing results for compatibility when using the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool without the benefit of the PSF.

Testing results are aimed to determine levels of application compatibility of taking a variety of traditional vendor application installers and packaging them with this tooling. The tests are designed to simulate the acceptance criteria of a fairly picky Enterprise that would choose to not deploy MSIX packages unless they work as well as the original. A wide selection of applications are included with a goal of covering much of the Windows API.

Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool 2019.110 Windows 10 x64 1809 50 Packages


Category Count Percent Description
Failed Packaging 6 12% The tooling failed to generate a signed package MSIX file at all. This usually incdicates an issue with the capture process or in package formatting.
Failed Smoke Test 20 40% A package file was generated, but the package failed the primary smoke test, indicating a complete or major functional loss.
Failed Feature Test 3 6% The package works to some extent, but failed a major feature and would not be acceptable.
Partial Feature Issue(s) 10 20% The package is lacking in one or more minor features that might prevent production deployment at some or most customers.
Success 11 22% The package passed all tests. The package would be suitable to send to final acceptance testing and/or piloting.

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