About Application Selection

The applications selected for testing are a wide range intended to provide a fair representation. These include:,

  • The kind of applications we see Enterprises deploying in their environments in our practice.
  • Purposely written apps that provide leverage a particular part of Windows API that we want to ensure coverage of.

There are applications that we see enterprises deploy that are intentionally left out of the mix. These include the kind of applications that are clearly completely impropriate for running in either a virtualized environment or a container. This includes applications with required drivers and apps that would be installed on web servers.

Because we are very good at App-V packaging, it perhaps shouldn't be surprising that the baseline testing results for App-V look pretty darned good. But this is not a result selecting only apps that are good for App-V, but that we can remediate a lot of bad app behavior by packaging in App-V when you know what you are doing. We do not have that experience (yet) with forms of MSIX packaging, but, more importantly the MSIX technology and tooling around it is currently the primary cause of less than outstanding compatibility.

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