About Vendors and Tools Selected for Testing

There are a wide varieties of technologies available to choose from when it comes to deploying Windows applications. There are a wide variety of vendors with products to deploy Windows Applications. Sometimes a vendor even has competing tools too.

We can't cover them all. From a technology standpoint we are covering App-V and MSIX repackaging in this testing. We generally try to cover the predominant ones we see out in the market. And those that we have a relationship with. The testing is performed independently by us and we make sure it isn't biased based on those relationships.

We include testing for App-V only to provide a baseline from which to assess the MSIX packaging on the same applications. For App-V, we chose to use the Microsoft App-V Sequencer for packaging. Many tool vendors, including those we cover for MSX, have tooling that produces App-V packages as well. We chose not to test those products to produce App-V packages as our expectation is that they don't produce better packages -- their goal is just to provide an integrated tool that can be used to package in many formats.

For MSIX, we start with the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool since it is built by the vendor that also builds the runtime. In our initial test, we just use the tool as delivered out of the box. The first version of the report card included only Advanced Installer from Caphyon as an alternative packaging scenario, as they were the only vendor with released support at that time. For subsequent testing we are adding a second test scenario where the MSIX Packaging Tool is enhanced by using PsfTooling to inject and configure the Package Support Framework (PSF), and adding a scenario for AdminStudio from Flexera.

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