TMEditX is a tool created by Tim Mangan that flips the script on injecting the PSF into your MSIX packages created using the Microsoft MSIX Packaging tool. A replacement for his free community tool PsfTooling, by running analysis and fixups after the completed capture and initial package build allows for more features and a much simpler process for you. This helps you with repackaging applications into MSIX that require the Package Support Framework to fix issues caused by the MSIX containerization. The tool is intended for use during repackaging tooling, run right after the application installation is complete.

TMEditX is a complete standalone MSIX package editor. It includes the same analysis and fixups that would be proposed by PsfTooling, but since it is not dependent on the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to create the manifest, it can add back in missing app features for your package.

You can find information onTMEditX at this link at TMurgent.

A short video 7-minute of the product is HERE

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