The complete January 2019 Report Card

The MSIX Report Cards are a project run by TMurgent Technologies' Tim Mangan. The idea is to create a way to periodically measure and report upon the progress in MSIX technology.

This full report card covers all aspects of MSIX, including:

  • OS support by Microsoft
  • Tooling for Developers
  • Packaging tooling by Microsoft and Partners for IT
  • Deployment tooling
  • Packages released in MSIX format natively

The initial report card was issued in PDF format in January of 2019 and is available for download at this link:

Download Report Card on MSIX for 1809.

A big part of the report is a series of tests run to determine MSIX compatibility of a given version of the OS and using a variety of Package tooling. An aim of this site is to bring this data live and directly on the web, and to be able to provide valuable recent data prior to the annual publishing of the full report.


What Technologies and Vendors are used in the testing?
What is the Criteria used to asses an application?
How are the apps selected for testing?

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