App-Info is a new community site to help application packagers find the information that they need to re-package apps for the corporate environment.  It uses GitHub as an open-source repository, but it really is just a documentation site where you can share information that you have learned about an application with your peers.

Those that have been in this space for a while remember the old AppDeploy (and ITNinja) sites where this sort of information was freely shared.  And while there are some efforts out there for collecting some of the information we need, there is no independent single place for everything.

App-Info supports some of those independent sites to linking to their existing information, but it also fills in some of the gaps.  For applications that are in the documentation list, you should expect to find:

  • Links to the app in Aron Parker's Project EverGreen that has powershell scripts to alert you when the vendor releases an update.
  • Links to the app in Jason Bergner's SilentIntallHQ, which provides basic information on installer syntax for many apps.  Often, this link is to supplement our own information which includes things typically done during the installation of this app.
  • Information on common enterprise configuration of the app.
  • For different packaging scenarios (App-V, MSIX, MSI, etc) there are dedicated pages for how the app was configured and packaged, as well as the quality testing report of that package.

Please take a look at the documentation base, and more importantly commit yourself to add in a new app that you are working on.  It's as simple as creating and submitting 4 document pages and maybe an icon!