Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

Tool: Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool

Category: free

Purpose: Package Capture / Create MSIX Package

While there are third party alternative tools to repackage applications into MSIX, Microsoft offers a free tool called the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool (MMPT) that is downloadable from The Microsoft Store via this link ms-windows-store://pdp/?ProductId=9n5lw3jbcxkf 

Microsoft Documentation on the tool is found at this link. But the idea is that you place the MMPT on a clean VM that has everything disabled that you can, create a snapshot, then start the MMPT, install/capture the app, perform any package cleanup and edits, and save off an MSIX package.  Then revert the VM and try the next app.

While the tool is good at capturing an installer and creating the MSIX package, it misses some important integrations you might need and does not include the Package Support Framework that is needed is many packages.  But you can combine this tool with the free PsfTooling app to create good packages, or post-process the packages using the third party TMEditX app for great packages (or go with a bigger combined product from any of the many third-party vendors in this space instead of the MMPT).