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Vendor: TMurgent Technologies, LLP

Tool: PsfTooling

Category: free

Purpose: Analyze app install and inject PSF during package capture

PsfTooling is a free app for use in conjunction with the MMPT to analyze your installed application and add appropriate Package Support Framework (PSF) components and configuration to the eventual package.

You start your capture using the MMPT, and after installing and configuring the target application - while still in capture mode - you launch PsfTooling. It will analyze the recently installed software and suggest if the PSF is needed and recommend a components and configuration.  You can take the defaults or adjust as necessary.  The tool will then add the components to your system, and you can then complete the packaging process using the MMPT.

While PsfTooling cannot detect everything, and you still depend on the MMPT to create the final package, you can easily double the number of good quality packages that you can make by using only the MMPT.

PsfTooling is available for free in the Microsoft Store, or you can also download it for free from the TMurgent Website.