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Vendor:  TMurgent Technologies, LLP

Tool: TMEditX

Category: paid

Purpose: MSIX Package Editor with Analysis and PSF Injection

TMEditX is a package analysis and editing tool for MSIX.  It is typically used on packages created using the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to analyze the captured package and suggest/implement fixes to the package.  Because TMEditX does not depend on the MMPT to create the final package, it can do a better job of not only adding in Package Support Framework components, but it can also fix many other issues that the MMPT does not handle well.  It will save in either MSIX or CIM format (used in MSIX App Attach) and is automatable so you can just run a script line against completed packages to automatically fix them up.

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TMEditX also comes with a companion tool, TmMsixDeploy, which can help with the testing process of MSIX and CIM packages, create AppInstaller files and Shared Package Container files.