IT Professionals responsible for preparing and distributing Windows software applications can leverage MSIX packages made available by vendors, but also have an opportunity to repackage many traditional applications into MSIX packages themselves.  Many companies that repackage into MSI, App-V, or other formats today are the most interested.  Whether you deploy apps as part of the base image, add apps to persistent images (such as with SCCM/Mem/Intune), or dynamically add apps to non-persistent situations upon logon, MSIX is for you.

Running .Net Framework and Win32 forms based applications inside MSIX often requires use of the Package Support Framework to remediate older software behaviors no longer supported in an MSIX runtime container. 

To learn about this, the IT pro should see the IT Pros section of this site. But also be sure to peruse the list of tools under the Tooling Vendors section.